We are a privately owned company established in the year 
2000.  Each member of our team strives to find creative 
solutions to satisfy the special needs of every project. As 
owner and president, Mr. Vicole Martinez is responsible for 
the overall strategic planning, day-to-day management, 
business development and project planning of the company. 

Mr. Martinez’s expertise includes new construction, 
commercial/residential interiors and rehabs. With over 20 
years in the construction industry, Mr. Martinez is a proven 
manager and builder who will apply his managerial skills and construction knowledge to all phases of the project.

Two key attributes of Seagull’s long standing track record of successful job completion are (1) the continuing involvement of the company’s owner on each and every project and (2) to equally bring the vast expertise and experience of a perfectly balanced “project team” to each engagement. From pre-construction through the warranty phase, Seagull’s clients know that their projects have the principal's involvement, personalized service and the attention to detail their project deserves. All members of Seagull have diverse backgrounds in the construction industry, including specialized education, on-site field expertise, and project management experience. We consider our personnel, both office and field, to be highly qualified in the industry. We maintain a commitment to provide our personnel with continuing education classes in a wide variety of construction related issues and concerns. This commitment is a direct benefit to our clients and to the quality of the project construction team.

Seagull Construction is committed to diversity and understands firsthand the issues that relate to diversity. We have made a firm commitment to award at least thirty percent of all sub contracts and suppliers to minority and women owned businesses. This is a commitment from the top down. The owner’s years of experience gives him first hand knowledge and experience of the difficulties within the construction community and has embarked on a mission to change it.